Professor Aba the Occultist

About Professor Aba Master Occultist Jamaican Obeah Man Voodoo High Priest

Greeting wise ones, thank you for choosing my services. Many people are amazed that I am as any other man, with a family, business and an active social and philanthropical life. Obeah, Voodoo, High Magick, and Mystical healing were handed down to me by God and my ancestors since my childhood. For over 30 years, I have been sough worldwide for my fast and effective high-magic work in clearance, healing, love, court cases, and prosperity, among many areas in magick. I am a Voodoo High-Priest, Obeah High-Priest, Grand Master of High-Magick, Angel-Magick and also a leader in many occult orders and secret societies.

Professor Aba - Zion Society

The Beginning 

My Grandfather’s death left a void in the communities, for spiritual help. Many people desperately came to my grandmother for help, but, she was not on the level of my Grandfather. I later questioned my grandmother about my grandfather’s work. She confirmed what, I always knew in my mind. He was a Voodoo Master. So, you could say that my skills are inherited, or I was born to practice the occupation of occultism. I revealed my ability to perform rituals to my grandmother and explained what I had been practicing. I told her I was certain that I could take over my grandfather’s practice.

My First Public Work

In my village, there was a child with a strange sickness, and I was home when her parents brought her to our house. This child was possessed by strong demons and kept shouting uncontrollably. I conjured up master spirits and conducted a very powerful Obeah spell to break the curse. She was healed within minutes! After other demonstrations like this, my grandmother was convinced and amazed at the effectiveness of my spells and rituals. It was not long before the entire village knew about my supernatural powers.

I wanted to increase my knowledge of the supernatural, so, I told my high school teacher about my art. He gave me the name and address of a privately run wizard school in the USA. After graduating from high school, I went overseas and continued my studies, initiations and practiced with some of the highest occultists, priest and Grand Masters of that era. Years later, I was initiated as an accomplished Master Occultist, Voodoo Master, Jamaican Obeah Priest, Egyptian Magick Master, Mystical healer, teacher, high priest and hypnotist. To gain such esteem in each Magickal Art, one must not only be very well learnt in the African Occult and Mystic Magick but, have demonstrated hundreds of successful performance of each Mystic Art. The height of my skills in the arts gained me the trusted and accomplished status as a professor of the Occult Arts and Magick.

Occult Practice Continues

A few years later, Zion Society (occult society) was established, where members experience private benefits such as high-level spellcasting and rituals. Our office is located in the heart of the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Clients for both Professor Aba and Zion Society are consulted with at my office by appointments. When available, we are open to walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. Spells and rituals are done in my Ritual Labs. Therefore, I perform all spells, rituals, and healing remotely, so, a client usually does not have to come to me. I can do a phone consultation and send out the spirits and ordinances to create whatever situation is necessary.

The success of my practice I believe is accredited to my dedication to the spirits, humility, heart for my clients, combined with my continued studies and creation of spells – to move with the evolution of time. As a result, I can help people with various spiritual, emotional, physical and financial problems– no matter where on planet earth they are located.

Why My Fees are So Affordable

I am often critiqued on the low cost of my work. Some people judge the quality of one’s worth based on price. Here is look behind the scene: occult work whether, Voodoo, Obeah, Kabbalah, Egyptian Magick, etc., is a very expensive business, especially for my practice. My materials come from as far as Africa, Israel, Egypt and the Americas. However, because I have long-standing wholesale suppliers, I can keep my fees lower than most practitioners of this business, and still offer quality services. I am also blessed to have many repeat clients, which also helps to even the scale. Otherwise, my pricing structure would be comparable with any other Obeah man, when keeping in mind that Obeah and Voodoo rituals are very time-consuming, requiring assistance.

Thank you for choosing my service(s). I look forward to seeing the success of the work I perform for you.

—Professor Aba