Occultism History

career killer hexOccultism designates the study and working of the occult. In several components of the world it is called by many different names but, in essence is identically tantamount. I am sure some individuals are familiar with designated names as, Voodoo in Haiti and West Africa, Obeah in Jamaica, Hoodoo in Orleans in North America, Egyptian Magick and Dark/Black Magick in Europe, India, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world, and in Mexico and Latin American countries it is recognized as Santeria.

The practice of Occultism was brought to the Caribbean by African slaves. It is known that because of the direct African Ancestral heritage, the most powerful Caribbean spiritualist and Voodoo Priest can be found in Jamaica and Haiti. Occultists call themselves by many designations and some of these are,  Obeah Man , Voodoo Medico, Voodoo Priest and Hoodoo Queen, Witch Doctors, etc. Occultism goes back thousands of years before the advent of Christianity or the Christian error. Before occultism was elevated there was what we call Paganism, which is a Christian term to describe any worship other than the Christian Christ or Christian religion and early humans worshiped nature that is mother earth and we refer to these early humans  and even in modern times as pagans, the worship of nature and other gods other than the Christian God as paganism.

But let us not confuse gods with the Christian definition of God. Civilizations like the Mesopotamians and then later great civilizations namely Egypt, Persia , Babylonia, Samaria etc. these great civilizations knew about the occult or the spirit world because man is both spirit and matter utilizing a Jamaican term Duppy or in America ghost. But these are just spirits, we give these negative names to anything that runs contrary to the Christian notions, and how we were raised by our parents, but these spirits are a component of life and the cosmos. Spirits can never be eradicated because this was made so by divine providence. Many people associate occultism with Witchcraft, and while the practice of witches can contain occult workings, it does not contains the powers used by the African culture. Witchcraft is simply not synonymous to any occult working of the powerful African Occult, which carries down secrets that are only revealed to the elect person of an African Heritage, as it is true that without this key (secrets of African Occult), one using this practice is using it without consent and approval from the African Spirits and gods that guard it, and will therefore be ineffective.  

African Occult has been used for both good and evil. It has proven itself as one of the strongest powers in the world having dominion over most situation. A powerful Occultist can undo almost any curse and can place almost any curse, bring good fortune as well as bad luck, heal as well as make ill.

Many persons seek training as an African Occultist, but in order to be an effective Occultist it takes more than training. It is a way of life, a calling and election into your divine purpose, one that is valued with secrets that can cost your life. And most of all it is only if you are accepted by the Ancestral guardians of the African Occult that you can move into this calling effectively. Many Occultist will tell you they were compelled, or had a calling or know that there is no other way for them.