Who We Are: Professoraba.com is an international spiritual occult organization which offers services of occult magick, Jamaican Obeah, Voodoo, Black Magic, Ancient Egyptian Witchcraft, Angel Magick and other forms of high magical powers.

How we Operate: we are a registered New York business with a physical location in Jamaica West, Indies (Caribbean) at 1 Barnet Lane in Montego Bay, Jamaica where all our clients are welcome to schedule a consultation visit. In addition, we offer virtual spells services, online payment and phone consultation for our client’s convenience. All spells and rituals are done in our labs by our maser occultists. 

Visit Us: All persons wishing to visit our office for a personal consultation with Professor Michael Aba must call the office at 1-1(876) 971-0337 (JAMAICA) |1(876) 313-8777 (WhatsApp) to schedule a consultation visit.

Online: Spells and Rituals: Clients using www.professoraba.com can choose their spell(s) or product(s) and make secure purchases. After we have received the order, we will contact the client within 28hrs with regarding the spell request(s). Products will be shipped within 3-4 days after payment is confirmed. 

Online: Shop: All products (except rings, amulets, pendants) purchased from the www.professoraba.com website is shipped directly to the customer within 3-4 days of purchase. Rings, Amulets, Pendants, Bracelets and other jewellery are blessed with a special spiritual invocation and incantations to carry out the purpose of the jewellery. To make that possible there is a 2-4 weeks delivery of jewellery to customers. Clients with special instruction should contact us before or after their purchase.

Payment For Spell Casting: All payment MUST be made in US dollars or the equivalent dollar amount. In order to prepare the materials for your spell casting, all payment for spell must be received by our office three (3) days prior to your spell casting or your spell will not be cast at the scheduled time. We accept payment online at www.professoraba.com, Western Union, Money Gram, CashApp, also, bank wire transfers and direct bank payments, or in person at our office. No personal checks accepted checks must be bank certified or money order.  

Privacy Policy: Michael Aba and ProfessorAba.com takes the privacy of its clients, customers and contacts very seriously and will take all measures to protect their privacy and personal information. Any personal information, pictures or object we receive will only be used to correspond with our contacts, fulfil or client’s and customers orders and to carry out your spell(s), we may also use personal information collected for our own internal analytics and email marketing campaigns. We will never sell or redistribute our clients and contacts information to anyone.

Refund Policy (No Refund): based on the nature of our business, where spells are performed and charms are personalized and blessed for a person, we regret that we cannot offer a refund on any spell, service or product, as these cannot be restocked. We intend to present all spells/rituals and product to you at our highest quality. By making a purchase from professoraba.com The client/customer assumes full responsibility for the purchase and agrees to our no refunds policy. For all spell concerns please contact us immediately, as we will ensure to satisfy your concerns.