About Professor


I have been practicing the art of Obeah, Voodoo and Black Magic since my childhood. I lived with my grandparents in rural Jamaica, and it all began when I was about 13 years old; I went into my grandfather’s room and saw him reading a black book. I asked him what the book was about and he told me that it was not for children and I should never touch it. Being the curious person that I am, I decided to read it whenever he was not at home, and that was exactly what I did. I got so intrigued with this–it taught me so much about the spirit world; so I read it at every chance I got. I also began doing the rituals secretly and managed to keep this secret for a few years as I got older. My grandfather eventually found out about my practices! He was very angry with me, but by then I did not need the book anymore, I had mastered all the rituals and continued to practice them.

Many people used to visit my grandparents’ house but after my grandfather died the visits stop. I later questioned my grandmother about my grandfather’s occupation and she confirmed what I knew in my mind all along, he was a Voodoo Master. So you could say my skills are inherited, or I was born to practice the occupation of occultism. I revealed my ability to perform rituals to my grandmother and explained what I had been practicing, I told her I was certain that I could take over my grandfather’s work.

In my village there was a child who was very sick, her parents brought her to our house, this child was possessed by strong demons, she kept shouting uncontrollably. I conjured up master spirits, conducted a very powerful Obeah ritual spell to break the curse; she was healed within minutes. After a few more demonstrations like this my grandmother was convinced and amazed at how effective my spells were. It was not long before the entire village knew about my supernatural powers.

However, I wanted to increase my knowledge about the supernatural, so I told my high school teacher about my art, and he gave me the name and address of a privately run wizard school in the USA. After I graduated from high school I went overseas and continued my studies, initiations and practiced with some of the highest professors, priest and masters in the Black Art. Years later, I was initiated as an accomplished Master Occultist, Voodoo Master, Jamaican Obeah Priest, Mystical healer, teacher, high priest and hypnotist. To gain such esteem in each Black Art, one must not only be very well learnt in the Black Arts, but have demonstrated hundreds of successful performance of each occult. The height of my skills in the arts gained me the trusted and accomplished status as a professor of the Black Arts and Magic.

A few years later Zion Society was established, where the members experience private benefits such as spell-works and rituals. My office is located in the heart of the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies. My success I believe is accredited to my dedication to the spirits, humility, heart for my clients, and continued studies to move with the evolution of time. As a result I am able to help people with various spiritual, emotional and financial problems– no matter where on the planet they are located.

Occult and Obeah work is a very expensive business, because my materials come from as far as Africa, Israel, Egypt and America. However, I am able to keep my fees lower than usual and still offer quality services. Occult spell-work, Obeah and Voodoo are very time consuming, so I have a team that assists me with making this business effective for my clients.

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing the success of the work I perform for you.


—Professor Aba