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Many Jamaicans still remember ‘Miss Cleo’, a Florida woman who used a fake Jamaican accent to urge television viewers who wanted to have their fortunes told to “Call Now!”, as a telephone number flashed across the screen of popular cable channels. …

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For hundreds of years Jamaicans have been prevented by law from practising Obeah, a belief system with similarities to Haiti’s Voodoo. Now, campaigners and practitioners believe they have a chance to overturn the law. Until recently, the practice of Obeah …

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Dear Editor, My uncle ain’t an obeah man, and I don’t support or believe in obeah, but I’ve been noticing the double standard between ‘obeah workers’ compared to the spiritual healers in the Universal Church and now the recent flooding …

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Following a recent incident in downtown Montego Bay, St James, where a police sergeant detained a female, who, after being searched, was found to be carrying items she purchased at a nearby candle shop, several operators have come forward and …

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Jamaicans who practice obeah and those who visit the practitioners could soon be able to do so without fear of criminal prosecution. Justice Minister Delroy Chuck on Tuesday promised to repeal the more than 100 year-old  Obeah Act which made the practice illegal. Chuck …

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For more than a century, the practice of obeah has been illegal under Jamaican law. But just as lawmakers were getting ready to push the maximum fine to $1 million for anyone found guilty of practising obeah, Justice Minister Delroy …

Obeah Clash – Church Leaders Vow To Resist Minister’s Bid To Legalise Practice Read More »

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Big retirement party planned for obeah man

Several entertainers, politicians, and other profilic Jamaicans have reportedly confirmed their attendance for the retirement party of popular obeah man David Williams. The obeah man’s daughter, Lilian, who has been coordinating the planning for the event, said that the party …

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Public respond negatively to senators seeking to decriminalise the practice Diandra Grandison, STAR Writer When news broke that Senators Lambert Brown and Tom Tavares-Finson were planning a joint motion seeking to decriminalise the practice of obeah in Jamaica, many Jamaicans …

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African occultism can be defined as the study and workings of and with supernatural magical forces. In several components of the world, it is called by many different names but, in essence, is tantamount in its origins and some aspects. …

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