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Who Can Join House Of Power Society?

You have probably heard about Secret Societies and the Occult world and wondered “how can I join one of these societies for wealth and prosperity?” The truth is, most if not all of these secret societies do not accept outsiders that are not referred by or who are unrelated to current members. Some societies only can be joined by the elite–they normally operate on a who you know or  who you are related to basis. At House of Power Society we accept anyone who is interesting in a spiritual awakening. We also do all the work/spell casting for our members.

What are The Benefits Of Being A Member?

House of Power Society, lead by our team of master occultists operates using supernatural powers of black magic, voodun (voodoo), obeah, egyptian magic, and other powerful magic and occultic forces to gain practical benefits and change atmospheric and spiritual laws, which are only shared with our members. We are able help people from all regions of the world to enjoy prestige, protection, love, health, wealth and prosperity.

    • All members receive FREE (annual) castings of any 6 spells of their desire, you choose the spell we bring it into your existence.
    • You will receive a free prosperity handkerchief which will bring you prosperity, power, and protection.
    • All members receive the famous –Secret Wish spell casting for FREE, in addition to their 6 free spells! Once you join, anything that you wish for will become your reality.  It is as simple as: you submit your wish to us, and we will cast the Secret Wish spell specially formulated for your individual wish. Prior to the casting we will inform you of the date and time that your Secret Wish spell will be cast.
    • Members will have exclusive access to purchase powerful rings, amulets, bracelets, and pendants. The masters of House of Power Society will perform powerful spiritual invocations and incantations on each jewelry purchased–so that the jewelry will carry out functions of wealth, health, prosperity, fame, protection, love etc.
    • All members will have access to purchase special magical books that will create spiritual growth in the occult, metaphysical, and supernatural magic world.
    • All members will have access to our private social network, where we share secrets, ask questions, share spells and spiritual involvements.
    • All members will have access to our masters daily prayers. Each person who request to be a part of the prayer group will have their name listed in the masters books for prayer, and receive daily prayer. All members who wish to pray along with the masters will be invited to pray from your secret/private place at the same time that the masters gather to pray.

The possibilities are endless: Just imagine being a member and getting the right job or gaining a promotion, seeing constant increase in wealth, conquer various obstacles, or seeing wonders in your relationship, marriage, or bring back lost love, never failing an exams, becoming famous, get spiritual protection and lots more. As a member all you have to do is tell us your desire and we will perform various rituals for seven days (7) on your behalf for a breakthrough. So do not miss this chance to change your life forever.

How Much Does it Cost to Be A Member?

The cost to be a member of House of Power Society is only $400 USD per year, in addition to a one time processing fee of $50 USD .

What if I Need to Discontinue My Membership?

Please note: if you wish to discontinue your membership with House of Power Society at any time, you can do so by sending us a letter stating your desire to disenroll; we will cancel your membership immediately, no questions asked.

Seven (7) Spells Free

Members receive a total of 7 FREE spells per year! This is on heard of! So take advantage of a life changing momentum and don’t miss your chance to become a member of House of Power Society. Be a member and enjoy good luck, money, prosperity, protection and love. 

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