Pan African Occult History

Pan African Occult History

African occultism can be defined as the study and workings of and with supernatural magical forces. In several components of the world, it is called by many different names but, in essence, is tantamount in its origins and some aspects. Some occult names are tied to geographical locations, such as Voodoo in Haiti and West Africa, Obeah in Jamaica, Hoodoo in Orleans in North America, Egyptian Magick and Dark/Black Magick in Europe, India, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world, and in Mexico, Cuba, and Latin American countries, African occult is recognized as Santeria and Palo.

The practice of occultism was brought to the Caribbean by African slaves. It is known that because of the direct African Ancestral heritage, the most powerful Caribbean spiritualist and occult priests can be found in Jamaica and Haiti. They are called by many names such as Obeah Man, Voodoo Medico, Voodoo Priest, Hoodoo Queen, Witch Doctors, etc.

Many people associate all occultism with Witchcraft, and while the practice of witches can contain occult workings, it does not contains the powers used by the African occult. Witchcraft is not synonymous to any working of the powerful African Occult, which passes down secrets of African magick, the heritage of its ancestors, Loas, and great spirits, and is only given to individuals chosen and blessed by these spirits. Anyone “practicing” this occult without consent and approval from the African Spirits that guard it will be ineffective.

African occult has been used for both good and evil. It has proven itself as one of the strongest powers in the world having dominion over most situations. A powerful Obeah Occultist, which is the most of all the occults, can undo almost any curse and can place almost any curse, bring good fortune as well as bad luck, heal as well as make ill.

Many persons seek training as an African Occultist. However, to be an effective occultist, it takes more than training. It is is a way of life, a calling and election into this divine purpose, valued with secrets which can cause an early death for an occultist who handles them carelessly. Most importantly, in all African occults, the apprentice occultist is accepted only by the ancestral guardians of the African Occult, who guides this calling. Many Occultist will tell you, they were compelled or had a calling, or knew from an early age that there was no other path for them.