Your name can be listed in Professor Aba’s Daily book of Prayers

prayerJoin the hundreds of persons who pray with Professor Aba daily. The Spirits will keep you on the right path and take you closer to success in everything you do. Professor Aba’s strong prayer and meditation can help you in ways you never dreamed possible. Once I record your name is in this holy and precious book I will say a prayer for you each and every morning. You will receive a letter from me, Professor Aba telling you the times I will be in prayer so you can pray along with me as hundreds of others do. When everyone prays together the power is much greater and much stronger. Sometimes you can even feel the presence of others and you feel a wonderful peace and contentment, knowing that your personal prayers are being heard.

Members of House Of Power Society have used this book for years to enlist their names for prayer, now I welcome’s all who want to be listed. Society members or not, the benefits from my words of prayer and dedication are great. There are times when you probably say to yourself “Oh how I wish my bad luck would end” Just to wish or even pray by yourself may not be enough. Professor Aba will lift your burdens and fill your heart with joy instead of pain, and make life what you want it to be. I will personally write your name in my personal daily book of prayers. The sooner your name is in the book, the sooner I will pray for your personal wishes and desires to be answered.

—Professor Aba

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