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  • Professor Aba House Clearance Spell

    House Clearance Spell

    Spells for the Home $ 650.00 Buy Now

    Powerful clearance spell that removes demons, evil spirits, negative energy, negative vibrations and all evil people from your house or office. This House Clearance Spell includes a specially formulated house blessing spell for peace and tranquillity of the home.

    This clearance spell will attract love, caring and respect for everyone living or visiting the house.

    Get this clearance spell and regain your home!

    We also recommend our powerful House Protection Spell, after the house clearance.

  • Professor Aba House Protection Spell

    House Protection Spell

    Powerful Protection Spells $ 550.00 Buy Now

    Protect your home and everything in it from evil spirits, demons, home invasion, witchcraft, Obeah, Voodoo with this powerful occult House Protection spell. Powerful angels and master spirits will be assigned to your house to ensure that it safely guarded.

    If you are under a spiritual attack, we recommend a Clearance Spell. 

  • Professor Aba Move Them Out Fast Spell

    Move Out Fast Spell

    Spells for the Home $ 450.00 Buy Now

    Unwanted tenants, visitors, friends, family members can be an annoyance in your place. Let them know it is time to “Hit The Road Jack!” Order the Move Out Fast spell and watch them run out of your home or business fast!

    This is a powerful fast working Obeah spell that gets rid of any unwanted person out of your home or business.

  • Professor Aba Sell House Fast Spell

    Sell House Fast Spell

    Spells for the Home $ 450.00 Buy Now

    The Sell House Fast Spell will get your house or any other personal merchandise sold fast.

    Do not leave the sale of your house to change, get this house spell and attract a buyer quickly. If your house is taking forever to sell or you need to move fast or cash for your house fast, order this Sell House Fast Spell and get your house sold soon.

  • Professor Aba Stop Foreclosure Spell

    Stop Foreclosure Spell

    Money and Wealth Spells $ 950.00 Buy Now

    Fight iron with iron and nail down your house so that no bank can foreclose on you! Don’t give up on your home, this occult Stop Foreclosure Spell is a specialized high-magic that will cause confusion with the bank, get you financial help,  get the bank to forget about you, stop the annoying attorney’s in their tract, get you the right help to save your home, etc.

    This a powerful secret spell formula ritual that you will not find anywhere else! When you get this spell, Professor Aba analyses your situation and fight for you until you get results. Get this spell to change it all around and stop that foreclosure demon from taking your home with this powerful Stop Foreclosure spell!