Astral Healing

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  • Professor Aba Astral Body Healing Spell

    Astral Body Healing Spell

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    Everyone has an emotional body where the energy for your emotions is released, this is your Astral Body. It is important that your Astral body energy system works correctly, for mental stability and to prevent emotional energy build-up, which can create chronic illnesses. Your Astral Body can be damaged from several things, including curses and black magic.

    If you are always over-emotional, angry, unable to control your emotions, low on energy, or continually repressing your emotions, your Astral body may need healing.

    If you feel like you are stuck in a certain habit, stuck in life, unable to hold a job, relationship, marriage, unable to keep love in your life, you do not feel loved, your Astral Body needs healing and repair. There may be some blocks in your Astral Body, blocking you from the goodness of life.

    The Astral Body Healing Spell heals your energy field and your emotions and removes all energy blocks. This spell heals your emotional body and removes anxiety and negative behavior from you. If left unhealed this could result in an unfulfilled life and diseases. After the spiritual healing spell, you will be able to absorb all the goodness in life and your health may improve.

    This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.