Back to Sender Spell

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  • Professor Aba - Back to Sender Spell

    Powerful Obeah Reversal Spell

    Powerful Revenge Spells $ 650.00 Buy Now

    Return with POWER every curse, Obeah, Voodo, Blackmagic, Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Demon, Evil Spirits, Evil Spells, Evil Eye, etc, BACK to the sender.

    Powerful Reversal Spell that will return all evil cast on you, this spell can reverse the evil 100 times stronger! The Back to Sender Hex is a powerful ancient Obeah spell with secret formulas that will take care of your nicely and let him/her keep the evil that he/she sent to you.

    Get even and fight fire with fire!

    We also recommend first getting a Spiritual Clearance Spell.

    A Powerful Protection spell is also best with this revenge spell.