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  • Control Spirits Dominance Spell

    Control Spirits Dominance Spell

    Dominance and Power Spells $ 750.00 Buy Now

    Never be defeated by spirits with this powerful Obeah and Voodoo dominance spell! The Control Spirits Dominance Spell gives you spiritual power to dominate and control any spirit, and make the spirits obey you.

    This dominance spell is favorite of pastors, bishops and spiritual workers. The Control Spirits Dominance Spell gives you supernatural strength and spiritual force make spirits subjected to you and be willing to work on your behalf.

    We suggest that you order the Solomon Eight Seal Miracle Handkerchief with this dominance spell for additional power!

  • Professor Aba Move Them Out Fast Spell

    Move Out Fast Spell

    Spells for the Home $ 450.00 Buy Now

    Unwanted tenants, visitors, friends, family members can be an annoyance in your place. Let them know it is time to “Hit The Road Jack!” Order the Move Out Fast spell and watch them run out of your home or business fast!

    This is a powerful fast working Obeah spell that gets rid of any unwanted person out of your home or business.