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  • Professor Aba Astral Body Healing Spell

    Astral Body Healing Spell

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    Everyone has an emotional body where the energy for your emotions is released, this is your Astral Body. It is important that your Astral body energy system works correctly, for mental stability and to prevent emotional energy build-up, which can create chronic illnesses. Your Astral Body can be damaged from several things, including curses and black magic.

    If you are always over-emotional, angry, unable to control your emotions, low on energy, or continually repressing your emotions, your Astral body may need healing.

    If you feel like you are stuck in a certain habit, stuck in life, unable to hold a job, relationship, marriage, unable to keep love in your life, you do not feel loved, your Astral Body needs healing and repair. There may be some blocks in your Astral Body, blocking you from the goodness of life.

    The Astral Body Healing Spell heals your energy field and your emotions and removes all energy blocks. This spell heals your emotional body and removes anxiety and negative behavior from you. If left unhealed this could result in an unfulfilled life and diseases. After the spiritual healing spell, you will be able to absorb all the goodness in life and your health may improve.

    This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.

  • Professor Aba Aura Healing

    Aura Healing Spell

    Powerful Healing Spells $ 450.00 Buy Now

    Your Aura is the spiritual protective energy forcefield around your body, which protects you from the penetration of spiritual attacks, diseases and illnesses. The Aura is invisible to the naked eye, however, it protects all your energy systems, physical and spiritual energies. Your Aura can become unbalanced or torn leaving very serious damages in your physical and spiritual health.

    Your Aura can be weakened by a black magic curse, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, pollution, trauma, surgery, etc. When your Aura is unbalanced or torn, your natural protection will not be able to protect you and you may be susceptible to frequent spiritual attacks, demon and evil spirit attachments, negative energy attachment, illnesses and diseases.

    • If you yourself moving in circles with no clear direction, your Aura may need healing. If you are always sick and cannot be healed easily or you were under a spiritual attack in the past or recently, you must heal your Aura and close any breaks, leaks or opening in your Aura. A damaged aura will open your spiritual and physical body to diseases, and also make you more receptive to evil-spirits, black magic, hex or curse.

    The Professor Aba Aura Healing Spell heals, balances, and repair tears in your Aura, so your natural protection remains strong.

    This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.

  • Professor Aba Erectile Dysfunction Healing Spell

    Erectile Dysfunction Healing Spell

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    Erectile Dysfunction is embarrassing and can ruin your sex life. While some medical condition can cause ED, many times this is happening to you because a spell was put on you to take away your sexual functions. Your spiritual body can also be reacting from natural blockage, causing the penis to not function optimally.

    You no longer have to suffer, order our potent Erectile Dysfunction Healing Spell to reverse your sexual dysfunction and restore your sex life.

    WOMEN – The Erectile Dysfunction Healing Spell works well for both male and female, women can lose their sexual functions too, this sex and healing spell will restore your sex life. This is a clearance and healing spell in one.

    You may also need our other spiritual clearance spells along with this powerful sex spell.

  • Professor Aba Stop Depression Spell

    Heal Depression Spell

    Powerful Healing Spells $ 450.00 Buy Now

    Depression can ruin your life if not healed, the Heal Depression Spell is a specially formulated Obeah spell that you will not find elsewhere. Professor Aba will create this spell and cast it based on your condition.

    Depression is a spiritual imbalance that causes mental illness and destroys lives. Get the Stop Depression Spell today and Professor Aba also will cast his specialized “Happy Spell.”  With the combination of the Heal Depression Spell and the Happy Spell,  you will live a full life free from depression.

    Order now and begin to live again!

    This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.

  • Professor Aba Healing After A Curse Spell

    Healing After A Curse Spell

    Powerful Healing Spells $ 650.00 Buy Now

    Life after a curse or hex has been broken can still be quite difficult because your energy systems and natural protection can left very be damaged, preventing you from receiving the full benefits of life.

    This spell heals 1) the  Auric Field, which is your natural protection against illness, curses and hexes, and usually contains holes and tears are entrances for illnesses and evil spirits, 2) the Astral Body, which can remain blocked and cause emotional instability, 3) your Etheric Body, which affects the overall energy of your body. During a black magic curse, evil spirits usually feed off the Etheric energy system to power themselves, they also leave territorial marks on it. This feeding weakens your other system, preventing you from returning to your normal strengthened self. Also, the etheric marks, if not removed, is a signal to other evil spirits that you were once accessible for demonic feeding, so they are more likely to try to attach to you and feed. 4) Chakras, which are your energy systems that are inside your Etheric Body and connected to your Astral body, keeping you emotionally stable, in good health and open to receive all the blessing and goodness in life.  Chakras can become misaligned and filled with spiritual clutter during a curse. Professor Aba’s spiritual healing will drain, heal and align your Chakras to keep your overall spiritual system healthy.

    Order this magical ritual that will put your spiritual alignment back in its right places. The Healing After A Curse will heal all spiritual areas left damaged so that you can be whole again.

    This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.

  • Professor Aba Mental Healing Spell

    Mental Healing Spell

    Powerful Healing Spells $ 450.00 Buy Now

    Spiritual attacks, curse or hex, trauma, accidents, major sudden illness, grief, loss or deep hurt can leave you mentally damaged, where your intellect and higher mind do not function as sharp as it used to. If this damage is left unhealed you may not be able to receive the goodness that life has to offer and your quality of life may be reduced.

    Get back your mental stability with the Mental Healing Spell.  Heal PTSD and return to a normal life.

    This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.

  • Professor Aba Obeah Addiction Healing

    Obeah Addiction Healing Spell

    Powerful Healing Spells $ 550.00 Buy Now

    This powerful secret formula Obeah Addiction Healing Spell will end any addiction, even if the addict has had this illness for years.

    You or your loved ones do not have to live chained to any addiction. This ancient formula addiction breaking spell will set you free for ALL addictions.

    Get the Obeah Addiction Healing Spell and begin to be free to live for drugs, alcohol, pills, heroin, crack, cocaine, gambling, smoking, sex addiction, pornography addiction, food addiction and all other addictions.

    Order today and let Obeah heal you from addiction.

    This spell works best after a Spiritual Clearance Spell. 

  • Professor Aba Obeah Family Healing Spell

    Obeah Family Healing Spell

    Powerful Healing Spells $ 550.00 Buy Now

    The Obeah Family Healing Spell is a powerful ancient Obeah spell that will heal even the most damaged families or family relationship.

    If your family is torn apart, get this Obeah Family Healing Spell and let Obeah heal your family.

    The spell will reunite all family members that it is cast on and bring peace and unity with relatives and homes.

    Husbands, Wives, Children, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, In-Laws, Cousins, Parent, Grandparents, etc. ALL ARE WELCOME.

    Get the Obeah Family Healing Spellcasting and be one big happy family again!