Protection from Obeah

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  • Professor Aba Customized Revenge Spells

    Custom Revenge Spell Package

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    Need a specific, special or customized revenge spell, hex or curse? Professor Aba will customize a special Revenge Spell for your situation. Call 876-971-0337 or Whatsapp 876-313-8777 to schedule a paid consultation and get pricing. Order Now for fast results!

  • Professor Aba Destroy Enemy Curse

    Destroy Enemy Spell

    Powerful Revenge Spells $ 950.00 Buy Now

    Destroy your enemy before they destroy you! Stop them dead in their track. Hand them over to the powerful occult demons. The Destroy Enemy Spell is a curse that invokes master demon spirits which can get rid of your enemy in the fastest, best method of destruction.

    This is a powerful revenge curse that will bulldoze your path clear of your enemy!

    We also recommend first getting a Spiritual Clearance Spell.

    Powerful Protection spell is also best with this revenge spell.

  • Professor Aba Power Over Boss Dominance Spell

    Power Over Boss Dominance Spell

    Dominance and Power Spells $ 550.00 Buy Now

    A boss can sometimes cause you misery on the Job, this Power Over Boss Dominance Spell will strip their power and give you the upper hand. Control and rule your boss, do not let him/her dominate and ruin your life.

    With this very potent dominance Obeah spell, you will have your boss by the collar. Gain the power you need over your boss, with the Power Over Boss Dominance Spell, and stop living in fear, uncertainty and anguish.

    We suggest that you order the Solomon Eight Seal Miracle Handkerchief with this dominance spell for additional power!

  • Professor Aba Protection From Demon Spell

    Protection from Demon Spell

    Powerful Protection Spells $ 650.00 Buy Now

    Protect yourself or your loved ones from evil spirits, demons, voodoo, black magic, witchcraft, evil works, hexes, spells, curses, etc, with the powerful Protection from Demons Spell. With the power of Ancient Egyptian Magic, Pharaonic Magic, Mosaic and Solomonic Magic, this is a powerful secrete spell for protection, that you will not find anywhere.

    Professor Aba’s Protection from Demons spell will ensure that you are safely guarded against demons, evil spirits, and evil works. This high-level occult spell cannot be found anywhere else, the professor will personally create this spell to protect you from evil, specifically for your situation.

    This protection spell puts a spiritual shield around you to block, reverse and chase away all evil from near you. It is especially effective when performed after a Spiritual Clearance Spell.

    *The spell covers only one person needing spiritual protection.

  • Professor Aba Relationship Control Spell

    Relationship Control Spell

    Dominance and Power Spells $ 550.00 Buy Now

    Do you need power and control over others in your personal life or relationship? The Relationship Control Spell gives you the power to dominate and control anyone in your relationship.

    With this dominance  Obeah spell, you be in control of your interactions and you will be the boss in all your relationships. Use Obeah to have anyone in a relationship with you do as you say, with this powerful control and dominance spell.

    We suggest that you order the Solomon Eight Seal Miracle Handkerchief with this dominance spell for additional power!

  • Professor Aba Spiritually Invisible Spell

    Spiritually Invisible Spell

    Powerful Protection Spells $ 450.00 Buy Now

    Professor Aba’s secrete formula Spiritually Invisible Spell stops spiritual workers and enemies from seeing or spying on you psychically. Your enemy will not be able to read you up or find your spirit. This powerful protection spell is guaranteed to hide you from all evil, enemies, and evil spiritual workers.

    Your enemy’s power will be lessened if they can’t find you in the spirit to harm you. They won’t be able to track their spells sent to you because they can’t see you when they attempt to spy on you.

    With the Spiritually Invisible Spell your enemy’s spells, ritual and evil works can return to them if the demon cannot find you to attack you.

    This powerful protection spell is a true hiding spell, conceals your spirit so that you cannot be detected by any spiritual means.

    For best results, this spell can be ordered after a Spiritual Clearance Spell.