Professor Aba Occultist

Welcome and thank you for choosing my expertise. I am the authentic Professor Aba, a world-renowned Master Occultist, Voodoo Master, Jamaican Obeah Priest, Mystical healer, Teacher, High priest and Hypnotist. I am the head of Zion Society which is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica with registered office in New York, USA. As an Occultist, my skills and work with the spirits are higher than the traditional Obeah man.

Most spells and rituals are performed right from my altar and reach anyone on planet earth. Although I am not a psychic, I operate in all forms of Ancient Mystical Powers, Ancient Jamaican Obeah, Voodoo and Black magic Spells. My practice covers more than Spell Breakers, Clearance, Healing, Revenge, Breakup, Court, Reunite, Love, Money, Immigration, Protection, Gambling. I have clients around the world, including preachers, bishops, doctors, spiritualist, fellow Obeah men and women, lawyers, models, politicians, musicians, radio and TV personalities, celebrities and the average man.

Some people choose to visit me in Montego Bay, but most of my clients are virtual – we meet over a phone consultation and I move on to taking care of their needs. I will carefully analyze your situation, and powerfully perform specific spells and rituals to meet your individual need, as no two situations are alike.

Professor Aba Occultist

Professor Aba Occultist

Occult, Obeah, Voodoo, Black Magic and Egyptian Magic contains high degrees of spiritual power and should not be taken lightly. The work involved in achieving spiritual success depends on the individual situation, some spells are completed very quickly, while others take as much as two to three weeks to complete. For this reason I can ONLY respond to the request of persons that are serious.

As a Master Occultist, Voodoo Master, Jamaican Obeah Priest, Mystical healer, I can change the events of most situations (unless the Most High does not allow it to be changed). For example, my success in court cases–getting people off when they were to be sentenced for many years in prison, or getting people their American Green Cards when their business marriage for such failed, etc.

I have discovered the art of healing. It is with great sympathy/empathy that I have put together a lot of healing formulas to help people with various ailments; whether it has been the work of men or natural sickness. I’ve even cured patients who were insane and have removed live creatures from my client’s body. Are you constantly suffering from headaches and pain all over the body or has the doctor given up on you because of your ailment? Well, contact me immediately!


Professor Aba

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