Aura Healing Spell

$ 450.00

Your Aura is the spiritual protective energy forcefield around your body, which protects you from the penetration of spiritual attacks, diseases and illnesses. The Aura is invisible to the naked eye, however, it protects all your energy systems, physical and spiritual energies. Your Aura can become unbalanced or torn leaving very serious damages in your physical and spiritual health.

Your Aura can be weakened by a black magic curse, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, pollution, trauma, surgery, etc. When your Aura is unbalanced or torn, your natural protection will not be able to protect you and you may be susceptible to frequent spiritual attacks, demon and evil spirit attachments, negative energy attachment, illnesses and diseases.

  • If you yourself moving in circles with no clear direction, your Aura may need healing. If you are always sick and cannot be healed easily or you were under a spiritual attack in the past or recently, you must heal your Aura and close any breaks, leaks or opening in your Aura. A damaged aura will open your spiritual and physical body to diseases, and also make you more receptive to evil-spirits, black magic, hex or curse.

The Professor Aba Aura Healing Spell heals, balances, and repair tears in your Aura, so your natural protection remains strong.

This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.