Divine Unification Amulet For Spiritual Growth

$ 279.00

The Divine Unification amulet is to help those under emotional distress, turmoil, in a state of confusion, unrest whether internally or with regards to others and for those asking questions yet finding no answers.

Both sides of the amulet encapsulate the yearning, desire for the unity, the wholeness within ourselves, with those around us and most importantly – with our God.

“This amulet is to help those under emotional distress, turmoil, in a state of confusion and unrest.”

Sterling Silver .925

Chain: 45cm / 18 inches

Pendant: 25mm / 1 inch.

On one side of the amulet appears the verse: “Ehad rosh achduto rosh yuchudo tmurato ehad” – this verse explains that a person in search of the truth seeks to understand his own essence, in the process with which he seeks to unite with the Divinity.  When the process is complete, the upper and lower realms unite. This is the foundation of all which is hidden, overt from which all those exalted by the wonder of unity emanate and also he who is exalted by might, who is one, his powers unite like the merging of the hues of a flame and whose powers are more exalted than his unity.

On the other side of the amulet, a passage of the Shema Yisrael prayer is inscribed:  “God: is our God: God: is one”, this prayer is a statement of belief in the oneness of God and his love.

When a person wishes to pray and unite with God the creator, upon bowing he turns his heart to the heavens, for the sake of unification with the Holy One, with all his might in full faith. Thus he will become one with the power named the ancient wisdom and the wondrous light which is hidden.

__”This is the wondrous light which is hidden from the eye; it is bright in the heavens, pervades all spiritual powers which are hidden or overt, proclaims all that is hidden, overt, it shows uniqueness that is foremost the reason of all reasons whose name is the wonder of unity as there is nothing exalted, divided, created, or mind which could perceive his crown of equal unity and as this lays beyond the comprehension any living creatures, it is named the wonder of his unity.”  (The Tzadik Rabbi Hamai, of blessed memory).