Healing After A Curse Spell

$ 650.00

Life after a curse or hex has been broken can still be quite difficult because your energy systems and natural protection can left very be damaged, preventing you from receiving the full benefits of life.

This spell heals 1) the  Auric Field, which is your natural protection against illness, curses and hexes, and usually contains holes and tears are entrances for illnesses and evil spirits, 2) the Astral Body, which can remain blocked and cause emotional instability, 3) your Etheric Body, which affects the overall energy of your body. During a black magic curse, evil spirits usually feed off the Etheric energy system to power themselves, they also leave territorial marks on it. This feeding weakens your other system, preventing you from returning to your normal strengthened self. Also, the etheric marks, if not removed, is a signal to other evil spirits that you were once accessible for demonic feeding, so they are more likely to try to attach to you and feed. 4) Chakras, which are your energy systems that are inside your Etheric Body and connected to your Astral body, keeping you emotionally stable, in good health and open to receive all the blessing and goodness in life.  Chakras can become misaligned and filled with spiritual clutter during a curse. Professor Aba’s spiritual healing will drain, heal and align your Chakras to keep your overall spiritual system healthy.

Order this magical ritual that will put your spiritual alignment back in its right places. The Healing After A Curse will heal all spiritual areas left damaged so that you can be whole again.

This is most effective when done after a Clearance Spell.