Kabbalah Soul Profusion Key

$ 295.00

Sterling Silver .925

Key shape Pendant 

Size: 25mm/1 inch.

Chain size: 18 inch

The combination of the name (ס.א.ל/ע.ר.י) and the Citrine stone which creates the Key of Soul for profusion and success. 

The Citrine stone helps increase and maintain wealth. 

The medallion sharpens the thought, bridges between logic and intuition, expedites decision making, and improves expression and communication skills.

It gives sense of stability, it helps people to project decisiveness and self confidence. All these, within the business process, combine to attract profusion, livelihood and abundance of wealth. 

The medallion increases the sensation of “I deserve it”, which lacks in most people’s subconscious. Changing this attitude makes people open to accept profusion, which in turn attracts profusion and livelihood.