Kabbalah Soul Relationship Key

$ 295.00

Sterling Silver .925

Key shape Pendant 

Size: 25mm/1 inch.

Chain size: 18 inch.

The combination of the name (ש.א.ה/י.ר.ת) and the Rose Quartz stone which creates the Key of Soul for Relationship.   The Rose Quartz stone is known for its virtues regarding relationships and love. 

The medallion gives its wearer the ability to connect to the positive energies within him/her; it neutralizes fears, anger and sense of dissatisfaction.

It helps people to improve and increase their self confidence, to love themselves and others, to receive and give more love through peacefulness and calmness.  The medallion generates change in regards to love. Its wearer will project openness to relationship and love, and thus the possibility to be in a relationship will increase.