Kabbalah Tree Of Life Pendant

$ 388.00

Sterling Silver .925


Chain: 45cm / 18 inches

Decorated with moonstone, iolite, lapis, peridot, amethyst, carnalian, tourmaline, citrine, garnet and onyx gemstones.

The Tree of Life is presented as a simple and clear diagram, but its deep meaning is hidden and it contains infinite knowledge.

The diagram contains ten Spheres drawn as circles, and twenty paths connecting the spheres and drawn as lines, bringing a total of thirty three paths of wisdom.

The structure of the Tree of Life is made of three lines:

1) The right side – the masculine side, forms the column of Wisdom.

2) The left side – the feminine and maternal side forms the column of Consciousness.

3) The central line – symbolizes the neutral force which unites the two in a balanced state of fragile equilibrium.

It is a system of tremendous power and energy which is at our disposal, where we as humans live in the world of action but have access to higher realms.