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I wish to personally welcome you as the newest addition to the Zion Society membership family, I am Professor Michael Aba. I will be your guide throughout this 12-months journey! Please expect my official welcome call within 48hrs, and your welcome package in the weeks to come. Sometimes I get too busy so, if you do not receive a call from me, please contact my office at 1(876) 971-0337 (Jamaica) or 1(876) 313-8777 (WhatsApp).

Remember, you can start requesting your spells immediately by contacting the office, sending a WhatsApp text or filling out the form below. You have 12-months to get your 7-spells completed for your Power, Protection, Love, Wealth, Fame, Health, etc. I look forward to your success with occult power backing you!

Professor Michael Aba, Occult Master, Obeah and Voodoo High Priest

Zion Society,

Your Spiritual Place of Power

Zion Society Paid Members

Zion Society Paid Members

We are Zion Society members, we are powerful, we unlock occult power, African supernatural powers, powers of the universe! Thank you for your message, we will contact you in no more than 48-hrs. All information shared with us is confidential and secured by us, we never share your information. By filling out this form you agree for us to use this information to assist you in spellwork, rituals, membership, and also for our promotional offers that we may send you.